CEV announce record-breaking 3.5 million € prize money for Champions League

CEV announce record-breaking 3.5 million € prize money for Champions League
# 04 April 2019 17:31 (UTC +04:00)

CEV have confirmed the allocation of a record-breaking 3,547,000 € prize money for the whole competition, ONA reports citing The European Volleyball Confederation (CEV)
This is a truly unprecedented feat in European Volleyball history. The purse at stake reflects the CEV’s commitment to reward teams and their players for the amazing show that they deliver both on and off the court. At the same time, CEV are promoting full gender equality with the same amount made available for the men’s and women’s competitions, whose eventual winners will take home € 400,000 along with the most coveted crown in European Volleyball.

The development is a truly remarkable one, since back in 2017 the total purse at stake in the CEV Champions League stood at 1,871,000 €. This means that the prize money available in the CEV Champions League has almost doubled in two years only, which testifies the prestige as well as the increasing value of Europe’s premier Volleyball competition.

With the #CLVolleyM and #CLVolleyW gold medal winners travelling home from Berlin with € 400,000 each, the runners-up will get € 200,000 whilst the eventual losers of the semis will receive € 125,000 plus an extra bonus of € 15,000 and € 5,000 for any win and loss they record in the last-four stage of the competition.

All teams participating in the 2019 CEV Volleyball Champions League will receive a share of the record-breaking prize money depending on the results they have achieved in each stage of the competition, thus reflecting the number of matches they have won and lost as per the following breakdown:

• 1st Round: 2,000 € for a win, 1,500 € for a loss
• 2nd Round: 3,000 € for a win, 2,000 € for a loss
• 3rd Round: 5,000 € for a win, 2,500 € for a loss
• 4th Round: 7,500 € for each win, 3,000 € for a loss
• Quarterfinals: 10,000 € for a win, 4,000 € for a loss

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