Iran nuclear deal lacks requirements of international pact

Iran nuclear deal lacks requirements of international pact
# 09 August 2015 12:10 (UTC +04:00)

A legal expert has said the Iranian nuclear deal, called the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), lacks the requirements of an international deal.

The title given to the deal lacks the legal significance of international agreements, said Nejatollah Ebrahimian who is a university law professor and also the spokesman of the Guardian Council, IRNA news agency reported August 9.

“If we ratify the deal in the parliament, we have committed ourselves to it,” he cautioned.

He pointed to some Iranian MPs’ insistence to pass the deal as a law and said that if the deal is passed by the Parliament as law, the Iranian government would be obliged to act to it even if the other side of the deal violates it.

The JCPOA was reached July 14 between Tehran and the group 5+1 (the US, UK, France, Russia, China, and Germany) to end a long dispute over Iran’s nuclear program.

The six powers accused Iran of running a nuclear bomb program, but Tehran denied the claims.

Through the deal, Iran has agreed to limit its nuclear activities in return for the removal of economic sanctions.

The legislative bodies of the negotiating countries are to endorse the deal before their governments can implement it.

Ebrahimian underlined that his assertions were made within the scope of his scholarly activities and did not relate to his position as the Guardian Council spokesman.