Iran condemns deadly bomb attack in Sana’a

Iran condemns deadly bomb attack in Sana’a
# 09 January 2015 03:48 (UTC +04:00)

“At a time when Yemen needs peace and stability more than ever, the enemies of the country plan to achieve their sinister goals by [conducting] blind acts of terrorism and causing insecurity and instability,” Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Marziyeh Afkham said on Thursday.

Afkham further expressed hope that Yemeni people, parties, groups and political and social movements join forces to establish peace and stability in the country.

At least 37 people lost their lives and 66 others sustained injuries in the bomb blast that took place early Wednesday morning in Sana’a.

A group of students outside the college were seemingly the target of the car bomb attack.

No group has claimed responsibility for the deadly bomb attack but the al-Qaeda terrorist group in Yemen has carried out similar attacks against Shia Ansarullah fighters in the past.

Last week, over 30 people were killed and dozens of others wounded in an explosion targeting Ansarullah fighters in the city of Ibb in central Yemen.

Over the past months, al-Qaeda militants have frequently carried out attacks on Yemen’s security forces. The militants have also been engaged in clashes with the Shia Ansarullah fighters.

Yemen’s central government has so far failed to confront the terrorist threat.

The Ansarullah fighters, who played a major role in ousting Yemen’s former dictator, Ali Abdullah Saleh, however, have intervened to fill the vacuum and have driven al-Qaeda militants out of many areas in the country.

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