India targets militants near Myanmar border

India targets militants near Myanmar border
# 10 June 2015 02:47 (UTC +04:00)
“The Indian Army engaged two separate groups of insurgents along the Indo-Myanmar border at two locations along the Nagaland [state] and Manipur [state] borders,” the Indian army said in a statement adding that in view of an “imminent threat”, an immediate response had been necessary.
“Significant casualties have been inflicted on them,” the Indian army said without communicating figures.
Tuesday’s attack by Indian army followed last Thursday’s ambush by northeastern rebels in the Chandel district of the state of Manipur, which killed 18 soldiers and injured 15 others.
The Indian army said that it received credible and specific intelligence that militants were planning to carry attacks within the country.
The daily Times of India reported that Tuesday’s attack was a “joint operation” by Indo -Myanmar soldiers insideMyanmar but the Indian army officials did not confirm this.
“We are in communication with the Myanmar authorities on this matter. There is a history of close cooperation between our two militaries. We look forward to working with them to combat such terrorism,” the Indian army said however.
“While ensuring peace and tranquility along the border and in the border states, any threat to our security, safety and national integrity will meet a firm response,” the statement said.
India’s northeastern Manipur state shares a porous border with Myanmar and militants responsible for Thursday’s ambush on Indian soldiers had reportedly crossed over to Myanmar.
India’s northeast is home to a number of armed separatists groups that have challenged the Indian state, accusing it of neglecting local problems while exploiting natural resources.