Brazil president faces racketeering, obstruction of justice charges

Brazil president faces racketeering, obstruction of justice charges
# 15 September 2017 21:24 (UTC +04:00)

Brazilian President Michel Temer has been accused of racketeering and obstruction of justice, adding two more charges to the previous ones, APA reports quoting Press TV.

Temer "acted as leader of a criminal organization", according to a statement posted by Chief Prosecutor Rodrigo Janot on Thursday.

The prosecutor stated Temer’s gang made up of senior members of his PMDB party had allegedly taken $190 million in bribes in return for contracts at public companies.

The charges derive in part from testimony given by the owners of the world's largest meat packer, JBS, brothers Joesely and Wesley Batista.

They told prosecutors that they met Temer at his home and secretly recorded him allegedly discussing paying hush money to a witness.

Temer has denied the recording shows anything incriminating.

His lawyers also challenged the testimony saying it was unreliable because Joesely Batista withheld information from prosecutors.

It is the second set of criminal charges filed against the president based on the plea-bargain testimony of the JBS meat packers.