Council of Rectors to be established in Azerbaijan

Council of Rectors to be established in Azerbaijan
# 02 December 2016 09:01 (UTC +04:00)

Baku. Konul Kamilgizi – APA. A Council of Rectors will be established in Azerbaijan by the end of this year, said Education Minister Mikayil Jabbarov.

A constituent meeting will be held this month to establish the Council of Rectors, the minister said addressing an international conference titled “The role of accreditation in ensuring the quality of education” in Baku Dec. 2.

According to him, such a council and discussions held with the Education Ministry and education professionals will contribute to the resolution of issues related to higher education.

Jabbarov reminded that Azerbaijan joined the Bologna process in 2005 and achieved significant progress in young people’s receiving education abroad.

“The State Strategy on the Development of Education in the Republic of Azerbaijan was approved in 2013. The document is aimed at development of human capital that is essential for the country's modernization,” the minister said, adding. “During the adoption of this document, we encountered some challenges. Then there was no a unified management system in education field, and the results of the performance of educational institutions and their leaders were not consistent with those of the labor market. The Bologna process reform was related to the reform of financing of higher education institutions. And it caused objective difficulty for higher education institutions and their leaders. As there was a strong centralized and unified admission system in Azerbaijan, the process of recognition of foreign diplomas in accordance with the international agreements that the country signed was too liberal.”

Jabbarov said that these problems still remain.

The minister noted, however, that there have been significant advancements towards solving a number of other problems, saying the number of students is on the rise.

“This growth in numbers is taking place parallel to the tightening of student admission requirements. As many as 35,304 persons, which is a record number, entered universities in 2016. That’s a 7 percent increase compared to last year,” he said. “Transparency is an essential requirement of quality standards. Some negative experiences that were prevalent in the past have been eliminated.”

The minister continued: “A number of significant projects have been implemented; curriculums of all specialties have been renewed, branches opened in Azerbaijan of the world’s leading universities, joint education programmes developed, the model of double diplomas applied, special training facilities created, etc. The achievements made in the 25 years of our independence became the foundation of educational development in our country. During this period, more than ten state programmes have been implemented, the application of IT has widespread, and more than 3,000 schools have been built or repaired in the past 13 years. These schools make up over 70 percent of all schools countrywide. The learning environment for over one million has been improved.”