Global coronavirus case count continues to decline in past week

Global coronavirus case count continues to decline in past week
# 29 May 2021 09:30 (UTC +04:00)

A total of 3.45 million confirmed novel coronavirus cases were registered worldwide in the past week, which is one million fewer than during the previous seven-day period, according to TASS calculations, APA reports citing TASS.

The pace of infection has slowed down globally since the beginning of May, with the 15-percent decline in cases reported last week and the 30-percent decline this week. The infection started to subside in nearly all worst-affected countries, with the exception of several Latin American states.

Below is the pandemic’s key statistics for the past week, compiled by TASS.

The daily number of novel coronavirus cases in India declined from about 280,000 to 215,000 in the reported period. Less than 1.5 million were registered in the country in the past seven days, compared to almost 2 million cases a week earlier. Nevertheless, the government extended the ban on international air travel by late June. In some states of India, the situation is made worse by the so-called black fungus, a fungal disease frequently diagnosed in COVID-19 convalescents.

The number of cases in the United States declined by about 35%. The daily case count, which stood at over 50,000 in early May, now hovers around 23,000, the lowest figures since the summer of 2020.

The pace of infection slowed down in Europe as well, including in Germany, where weekly case count fell by almost 80% to about 5,000 new COVID-19 patients per day. Spain and Italy reported the decline of 40%, with less than 4,000 cases registered every day, while cases in France fell by 30% (less than 10,000 new cases daily).

Approximately 8,000 new COVID-19 cases are registered in Turkey every day, which is eight times fewer than in mid-April.

However, the infection rate is still increasing in the majority of Latin American countries, with the exception of Mexico and Peru, where the third wave of the pandemic peaked in early January and mid-April, and Brazil, which has been posting a stable growth of about 60,000 new cases per day since early May.

About 41,000 COVID-19 are registered daily in Argentina and some 25,000 - in Colombia, the highest-ever figures for both countries since the start of the pandemic

About 81,300 coronavirus-related deaths were registered worldwide in the past week, which is 6,500 fewer than during the previous seven-day period. The global mortality rate remains unchanged, however, at 2.1%.

India has the biggest mortality rate worldwide, reporting about 4,000 COVID-related deaths daily The mortality in Brazil halved as compared to early April, to 1,800 deaths per day. However, it increased in other Latin American countries, such as Argentina and Colombia.

In relative terms, the highest mortality was registered in Eastern European countries: Hungary reported 308 coronavirus-related death per every 100,000 citizens, Bosnia and Herzegovina - 282, the Czech Republic - 280. For comparison, Brazil has 214 deaths per every 100,000 citizens, while India has 22, due to its large population.