Azerbaijan's Education Ministry clarifies involvement of schoolchildren, evacuated from Ukraine, in education

Ministry of Education

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# 14 March 2022 12:44 (UTC +04:00)

Ministry of Education has clarified the issue of involvement of schoolchildren of Azerbaijani citizens, evacuated from Ukraine, in education, Ministry said as a response to APA's query.

Admission of students coming from foreign countries to general education institutions is conducted by taking into account the requirements of paragraph 4.4 of the “Rules of admission and transfer of children (students) to general education institutions” approved by the Decision No. 1/3 of the Board of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated November 6, 2014, through electronic software (

“In order to ensure the transfer of their children, a parent or legal representative who has moved from a foreign country, must first apply to the local education authority or general education institution in the area where they live. Based on the documents submitted by the local education authority, the class in which the student will study is determined.

If a student does not have educational documents or it is not possible to determine the class to be accepted from the submitted documents, the level of readiness of the student studying in I-XI grades in accordance with the educational programs (curricula) of those classes is checked by a commission established by local education authorities, noted Ministry.

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