Yearly horoscope for 2008

Yearly horoscope for 2008
# 10 September 2007 16:06 (UTC +04:00)
Jupiter and Saturn are located within a year of the Earth Signs, which makes it good for practical beginnings. This is a good time to build a career, slowly moving towards the goals. This trend paves the way for professional promotion and stable high earnings. The success of this year should be reinforced at every step; it is not worth to run after transitory benefits or advantages as they may leave you like how easily comes. Dwell on your long-term plans.
If you plan to open your own business, this is the successful year designed for you.
2008 will be even, you can use innovations in the period from March to May but it is advised to use tested methods during the rest of the year.
This year is also good for personal relations. It is successful for engagement and wedding.
New acquaintance and dating during the year are most likely lead to a serious and long-term relationship.
There may be stagnation in private life, singles may find their halves. Location of planets promises increase in the number of weddings and fall in the number of divorces.
The most favorable months of 2008 will be January, March, April, May and September. The dilemma between personal freedom and responsibilities can emerge in November, 2008. / APA- Economics/

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