Works carried out in direction of adaptation of Azerbaijani Army to Turkish model unveiled

Lieutenant-Colonel Anar Eyvazov

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# 29 December 2021 17:12 (UTC +04:00)

"Land Forces Command and new military unity have been established by improving the organizational and staffing structure for the Azerbaijani Army to enter a new stage of development in accordance with the model of modern armies," said Press Secretary of the Press Service of the Defense Ministry, Lieutenant-Colonel Anar Eyvazov at the press conference of the Ministry on finals of the year, APA reports.

He noted that in order to increase the operation and combat readiness level of the units located in the liberated territories from the occupation, as well as to carry out combat missions in special conditions, operational (commando) military units have been established: 'It has been provided for Commandos to take proper training courses in Turkey. This process is underway at present. On the basis of experiences gained in the Patriotic war, taking into consideration the model of the Turkish Armed Forces, new combat instructions are prepared. The involvement of a large number of servicemen in many courses organized with the participation of officers of the Turkish Armed Forces has raised the level of training to a new level. Measures have been carried out in the Azerbaijani Army in several directions during the current year. The main attention has been directed to the constant readiness to the combat and to take adequate response measures in the situation of an escalation of the armed conflict".