Zohrab Javadov, injured in skirmish in Gabala: “He shot me five times, I fell down” - UPDATED 2

Zohrab Javadov, injured in skirmish in Gabala: “He shot me five times, I fell down” - <span style="color: red;">UPDATED 2
# 13 December 2013 20:20 (UTC +04:00)

Gabala . Elvin Yagubov - APA. Local resident Javadov Zohrab Javad oglu, 26, injured during an armed incident in Gabala, was placed in the central regional hospital . In an interview with APA, he said that he had come to the mall "Gabala" for shopping and at that moment he was attacked.

"When I was there it was quiet. But suddenly, a man came out "Ford" and made ​​an armed attack on a shopping mall. He wanted to shoot twice from the "Winchester ", but it did not work. I was close by, so I tried to take away his weapon. He shot me five times, I fell down. Then he began to shoot at those who were near. Before my eyes he killed the owner and an employee mall. "

Javadov’s medical state is rated as moderate-grave.


19 :05

Baku. Hafiz Heydarov – APA. Details and participants of the armed incident occurred in Gabala have been known.

Gabala Police Office told APA that Ariz Rasulzadeh having in business in the region has shot his companions Eldar Karimov and Vasif Dadashov with the fowling-piece. Both persons died of bullet wounds.

According to initial information, the incident was caused by business deal between A. Rasulzadeh and E. Karimov. E. Karimov and A. Rasulzadeh were companions, later they put an end to their companionship. All problems started after it. Both persons appealed to court to share their shares.

The court ruled the store belongs to E. Karimov. However, A. Rasulzadeh ignored the court’s decision. Today, the executors of the court visited the store and recommended A. Rasulzadeh to empty the store. The companions argued and this resulted in shooting.

Rasulzadeh has been detained.



Baku. Hafiz Heydarov – APA. An armed incident occurred in Azerbaijan’s Gabala region.

Assistant Prosecutor of Gabala region Elchin Sadigov told APA that the incident occurred in the evening: “Two people were shot dead by firearms. The perpetrator was detained. The dead and the criminals are being identified. The public will be informed after the investigation.”

Criminal case has been launched on the fact, investigation is underway.

One of the killed persons is the owner of Gabala shopping center Eldar.


saat 18:25

Baku. Hafiz Heydarov – APA. A store owner was killed in Gabala region.

District Police Office told APA that the incident happened today.

One of the store owners was shot dead in the region. He died on the spot.

The perpetrator of the incident was determined.

Additional information will be available soon.