Trial of Leyla, Arif Yunus continued with witnesses’ testimonies

Trial of Leyla, Arif Yunus continued with witnesses’ testimonies
# 28 July 2015 09:29 (UTC +04:00)
Witnesses gave testimony during the process presided over by judge Afgan Hajiyev, APA reported.
Taxi driver Ilgar Aghayev said he has been as an unofficial driver of the Yunusov’s, who would pay him AZN300-350 monthly. Ilgar added that there was no contract between them.
Another witness, Adila Manafova, said she first met Leyla Yunusova at the time the Society of Women of Azerbaijan for Peace and Democracy in the Near Caucasus had newly been established, nothing that the organization operates based on financial assistance from foreign donors. Adila added that she abandoned this sector in 1999 and thus has no idea of the amount of these grants and what they are expended on.
Witness Zemfira Ismayilova said she has known Leyla Yunus for over 20 years but stressed that she has no ties with the Society of Women of Azerbaijan for Peace and Democracy in the Near Caucasus. Reminded of her signature in the document on the society's establishment, Zemfira responded saying “that signature is fake”.
During the hearing, Leyla Yunus again insulted Shohret Allahmanov, the representative of Rana Safaraliyeva who was a victim in the case, and went spare.
Zarifa Hajiyeva, the ex-wife of imprisoned Rauf Mirgadirov, was also questioned as a witness. Zarifa said she divorced from the journalist in 2011, adding that when they were married Rauf Mirgadirov used to frequently talk on the phone with Leyla Yunus. She also said the two used to make regular meetings to Armenia through different ways.
The hearing was then paused.
The process will be continued on August 3.
Note that, Note that, Leyla Yunus is charged under articles #274 (treason), 178.3.2 (fraud with causing damage in the large size), 192.2.2 (illegal business with extraction of income in the large size), 213.2.2 (tax evasion with causing damage in large amount), 320.1 (Fake of certificate or other official document giving the rights or releasing from duties, with a view of its use or selling of such document, as well as manufacturing in same purposes or selling of counterfeit state awards of the Azerbaijan Republic, stamps, seals, forms) and 320.2 (use of obviously counterfeit documents provided in article 320.1) of the Criminal Code.
Both convicts’ cases of treason (Article #274) will be considered separately. The current criminal case submitted to court is associated with swindle and other cases.