Judge expels Isa Gambar and Arif Hajili from NIDA members hearing - UPDATED

Judge expels Isa Gambar and Arif Hajili from NIDA members hearing - <span style="color: red;">UPDATED
# 19 December 2013 11:07 (UTC +04:00)

Judge Javid Huseynov presided over the hearing.

Mammad Azizov’s testimony was read at the hearing. In his preliminary testimony, he said that drugs found at his home didn’t belong to him, but they wanted to use Molotov cocktail during protests. Azizov refused his previous testimony and said he gave this testimony under pressure.

Azizov refused to answer the prosecutor’s questions.

Lawyer Nemat Karimli raised some petitions regarding Shahin Novruzlu’s case.

The next hearing was scheduled for December 25.

Seven members of “Nida” Civic Movement were arrested. As a result of the National Security Ministry and Prosecutor General’s Office, the house of student of the vocational school Guliyev Bakhtiyar Samandar was searched. 19 petrol bombs, 255,40g hashish and 15,48g dried marihuana were found there. The house of student of Odlar Yurdu University Novruzlu Shahin Ibrahim was also searched. 3 petrol bombs, AZN 94 000, 252,27 g hashish were found in his house. The house of student of Baku State University Azizov Mammad Rasim was also searched. 174,54 g dried marihuana, 28 leaflets “Urgent democracy is needed Tel:+994 address: Azerbaijan”.

Criminal case has been launched on articles 234.1 (illegally obtaining, keeping or selling drugs) and 228.1 (illegally obtaining, keeping, carrying weapons, explosives) of the Criminal Code and Mammad Azizov, Bakhtiyar Guliyev, Shahin Novruzlu, Rashadat Akhundov, Uzeyir Mammadli, Rashad Hasanov and Zaur Gurbanli and member of Free Youth Organization Ilkin Rustamzadeh were arrested.

During the investigation, they faced extra charge under Criminal Code’s article 220.1 (the organization of a mass disorders accompanied with violence, breaking, arsons, destruction of property, application of fire-arms, explosives, and also rendering of armed resistance to representative of authority, or participation in such disorders).



Baku. Shahriyar Alizadeh – APA. Baku Court of Grave Crimes has continued the preliminary hearing on the cases of the members of NIDA Civic Movement and a member of Free Youth Organization, APA reports.

Judge Javid Huseynov presided over the hearing. Musavat Party chairman Isa Gambar and deputy chairman Arif Hajili also attended the hearing. When the hearing started, judge Javid Huseynov asked Isa Gambar to stand up. But Isa Gambar said that he didn’t want to stand up and it is not a violation.

Then, the judge demanded Isa Gambar to stand up and leave the courtroom. Isa Gambar left the courtroom. The defendants and participants of the hearing objected to this. The defendants turned back to the judge.

The judge said that any violation is unacceptable in the courtroom and hearing is not a political arena. Arif Hajili objected to the judge.

The judge demanded Arif Hajili to leave the courtroom.

Following this, the judge asked defendant Mammad Azizov to give testimony, but he kept silent. The judge regarded his silence as refusal to testify.

The hearing was broken off.