Trap mines found in Azerbaijan's Khojavand-PHOTO

Trap mines found in Azerbaijan
# 22 August 2023 10:11 (UTC +04:00)

During demining operations carried out by the Agency for Mine Clearance of Territories of the Republic of Azerbaijan (ANAMA), handmade (improvised) explosives were found in abandoned residential houses in the area of Bulutan village of Khojavand district, ANAMA told APA.

According to ANAMA, in an outbuilding adjacent to a residential building, among the firewood, a PG-7L rocket warhead was found, on which cartridges for small arms were attached, and a "surprise" explosive device, made on the principle of depressurizing the explosion of a hand grenade.

Also in front of the house were found mines PMN-E and hand grenades of the F-1 model, made in a handicraft way, and various explosive devices.

"All these facts are once again proof of Armenia's insidious plans against the civilian population, crimes against humanity. ANAMA asks citizens not to visit unfamiliar territories, not to touch suspicious objects," the Agency's information says.