Azerbaijan's SSS arrests ISIS "accountant" and his brother

# 24 February 2023 09:15 (UTC +04:00)

As a result of operational-investigative measures conducted by Azerbaijan's State Security Service, a citizen of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Salahov Mirjavad Seyidaga, was detained as a member of the terrorist organization ISIS on suspicion of committing criminal acts of financing terrorism, APA reports.

Mircavad Salahov joined the ranks of the terrorist organization “ISIS” in Raqqa, Syrian Arab Republic, and was sent to a special training camp, where he mastered the rules of using firearms by participating in combat exercises. Later, he began to work as an accountant in the terrorist organization ISIS, during which he worked in the direction of providing monthly cash and food supplies to members of the terrorist organization participating in armed conflicts and their families, organizing the allocation of material assistance to organization members who were injured during armed conflicts and families of those who died. He hid in other countries for some period to avoid criminal responsibility.

It was also established that Salahov Mirjavad Seyidaga was involved in the terrorist organization ISIS by his brother Salahov Mirjalal Seyidaga. Mirjalal Salahov was injured while participating in military operations conducted by the said terrorist organization in the Syrian Arab Republic.

Mirjavad Salahov was brought to criminal responsibility in the criminal case under Articles 214-1 (financing terrorism) and 283-1.3 (participation in armed conflicts outside the country) of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan, while Mirjalal Salahov under Articles 281-1.1 and 283-1.3 (involvement in armed conflicts outside the country and participation in such armed conflicts) of the Criminal Code and a pretrial detention measure was chosen for them.

At present, complex investigative and operational measures are underway into the fact.

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