Azerbaijan unveils names of Armenians participated in terrorist act against Azerbaijanis in Meshali village -LIST

Vagif Khachatryan

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# 17 October 2023 10:50 (UTC +04:00)

The name of the Armenians who killed 25 Azerbaijanis, injured 14 people and displaced 358 Azerbaijanis from their legal place of residence in December 1991 in Meshali village of Khojaly district together with Vagif Khachatryan, whose trial is currently being held, has been revealed, APA reports.

These people are the residents of Badara village of Khojaly district named Sarkisyan Emest Bakhshiyevich, Sakisyan Armais Bakhshiyevich, Gasparyan Benik Astanovich, Abramyan Khoren Melikovich, Avanesyan Armen Sarkisovich, Sarkisyan Vova Armaisovich Khachaturyan Gariy Nikolayevich, Kachaturyan Nikolay Beglarovij, Abramyan Armen Garagenovich, Abramyan Edward Armenovij, Abramyan Zina Armenovij, Abramyan Vahid Armenovich, Ohanyan Karen Ashotovij, Ohanyan Naorik Ashotovich, Gasparyan Gurgen Benikovich, Gasparyan Valery Benkovij, Davidyan Albert Melikovich, Saakyan Samvel Rafikovich, Osipyan Asatur Bakhshiyevich, Khachatryan Karlen Bakhshiyevich, Israelyan Edward Beglarovij, Avakyan Arthur Vartanovich, Sarkisyan Surik Armaisovich, as well as Verdi Allahverdiyan. Vilen Verdiyan, Grisha Magishovich, Slavik Ardemovich, Gavrusha Zadurovich, Ruben, Andronik are persons whose identities are unknown to the investigation.

They were formed from other nationalist Armenians living in the Garabagh economic region of Azerbaijan, as well as came from the Republic of Armenia, took part in the activities of a criminal association consisting of armed military units considered illegal by the legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

They were put on wanted list.