National Security Ministry solves one more crime committed by Haji Mammadov’s gang

National Security Ministry solves one more crime committed by Haji Mammadov’s gang
# 27 October 2008 13:03 (UTC +04:00)
The ministry’s public affairs department told APA that the head of the gang Haji Mammadov and members were held accountable, some of them were sentenced to life-term imprisonment. But the criminal case is underway on some episodes. As a result of it, one more crime has been solved.

The body of an unidentified man was found in the water pumping station of Samur-Absheron canal in the territory of Sitalchay, Khizi on May 10, 1993. Investigation found out that it was the body of Piriyev Javanshir Gurban, (was born in Arikhli village of Bolnisi region of Georgia in 1952). Piriyev left home in his car QAZ-2110 at 14.00 on April 13, 1993, and went missing.

The body was examined, witnesses were interrogated, forensic medical, ballistic examinations were appointed, judgments were received. According to the judgment of the examination, Javanshir Piriyev was killed with AK-74 submachine gun. It was also found out that after Piriyev went missing, unknown men phoned his family and demanded money to return him, but his relatives refused to give money. Despite necessary measures, it was impossible to determine the persons killing Javanshir Piriyev and the car. As the persons killing Javanshir Piriyev were not identified, the investigation of the criminal case was stopped on May 30, 1994.
Haji Mammadov accused in deliberate murder, theft, threat, and brigandage, creation of a steady armed groups, illegal purchase, transfer, selling, storage, and transportation and carrying of fire-arms, accessories to it, supplies, explosives, commitment of grave crimes has been supposed to participate in murder of Cavanshi Piriyev.
The execution on the case on killing of Cavanshir Piriyev by unknown persons have been renewed and submitted from Khizi Prosecutors’ Office to National Security Ministry Main Investigation Department to continue the investigation.
The investigations found out that wanted former chief of Absheron Police Department Mammadali Aliyev , who accused in commitment of grave crimes , killed Piriyev.
Witness Haji Mammadov gave testimony and said that he had good relations with chief of Absheron Police Department Mammadali Aliyev when he worked as deputy chief of Absheron Police Department. Aliyev introduced Cavanshir , who was born in Georgia, lived in Baku and engaged in business , to him in 1993. Mammadali Aliyev had joint business with Piriyev and was godfather of Cavanshir’s son. Aliyev abused of power and Piriyev paid Aliyev regularly in exchange for his patronage.

Javanshir Piriyev refused to pay to Mammadali Aliyev when he retired from police organizations and lost patronage over him. Mammadali Aliyev, who lost the proceeds from Javanshir Piriyev, kidnapped him on April 13, 1993 and detained in custody by the method dangerous for his life and health and demanded ransom from his relatives threatening to outrage him. However he did not achieve his goal and killed Piriyev.
Mammadali Aliyev informed Haji Mammadov, who was a senior operational officer in the Interior Ministry’s Criminal Investigation Department in that time, about the crime he committed and asked to help him to hide trace of crime. Then Aliyev and Mammadov took the Piriyev’s body to Siyazan Region and threw it into Samur-Absheron channel.
Testifying on the new case, Mammadov said he would speak about other crimes he committed or participated.
Operational searches are continued toward the investigation of all cases related with this crime, to identify all peoples participated in the crime and to take all investigative measures to find out illegal actions.
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