Russia becomes malware Czar

Russia becomes malware Czar
# 21 February 2008 10:43 (UTC +04:00)
According to the malbean counters, Russia now accounts for 27.89 per cent of world-wide malware while China accounts for 26.52 per cent.
The UK isn’t doing too bad, overtaking France to pinch sixth spot in the web unpopularity chart.
The end of the notorious malware distributor the Russian Business Network (RBN) has done little to curb malware production in the country, apparently. PC Tool’s Threat Expert claimed to have identified a "substantial rise in malware originating from Russia, overtaking China for the first time in over a year".
Sergei Shevchenko, Malware Research Analyst at PC Tools said there are more viruses and spyware coming out of Russia now than ever before. “The trend is to produce many variants and flood networks as quickly as possible. The perpetrators can then sit back and see what has landed and which machines will be compromised,” he said, trying his best to sound scared so that we all go out and but some PC Tools software.
Here’s World Top Ten Threat Chart:

1. Russia – 27.89%
2. China – 26.52%
3. United States – 9.98%
4. Brazil – 6.77%
5. Ukraine – 5.45%
6. United Kingdom – 5.34%
7. France – 3.81%
8. Germany – 2.14%
9. Sweden - 1.6%
10. Spain – 1.37%
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