Russian expert: "Pashinyan's plan regarding deployment of international observers on the border is a challenge to Russia"

Alexander Perenchiyev

© APA | Alexander Perenchiyev

# 28 May 2021 14:54 (UTC +04:00)

"Nikol Pashinyan's plan with trgard to deploy international observers from the United States and France on the Armenian-Azerbaijani border is a challenge to Russia," Alexander Perenchiyev, associate professor of the Department of Political Science and Sociology at the Plekhanov Russian University of Economics said in an interview with APA's Moscow correspondent.

He said that Pashinyan's plan was against Russia as well as Turkey: "Pashinyan's statement does not resolve the problem on the border between the two countries, on the contrary, his proposal is aimed at destabilizing the situation in the region. Therefore, I consider Pashinyan's proposal a provocation. It is clear that the United States and France are co-chairs of the OSCE Minsk Group. However, we are not talking about the OSCE Minsk Group, which is a platform for negotiations. Armenia wants to deploy an armed contingent of France and the United States on the Azerbaijani-Armenian border. This is a completely different matter. I think that Pashinyan's plan is a provocation and aims to aggravate the current situation."

"Pashinyan's goal is to raise revanchist forces in the country and, with the help of the French, try to actually reclaim the territories they lost during the 44-day war."

The Russian expert said that Pashkina's goal was to raise revanchist forces in the country, to hide behind French and US peacekeepers, and to try to actually reclaim the territories lost during the 44-day war with the help of the same Frenchs:"There is such an example. Fishing in cloudy water. Pashinyan's case is similar to his. Pashinyan makes the water cloudy and waits for something to come out of it. Pashinyan does not need transparent negotiations on the demarcation of the border, a clear settlement process."

"CSTO will never hinder the demarcation of the Azerbaijani-Armenian border"

Perenchiyev also said that the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) will not interfere in tensions on the Azerbaijani-Armenian border: "Armenia has always viewed the CSTO as an instrument for the remaining Azerbaijani territories under occupation. However, the CSTO, and especially Russia, has refused to be such a tool. Pashinyan wanted to "cook porridge" again through the CSTO during the recent border incidents. The Armenians wanted the CSTO to eat that "porridge" instead. However, they do not understand that the definition of the Azerbaijani-Armenian border is a matter between these two countries. We are not talking about Armenia's ally and allies. Because there is no threat of aggression by Azerbaijan to the territory of Armenia. Therefore, the CSTO has nothing to do with this issue. It is a matter of defining the borders of the two states. Azerbaijan and Armenia must agree to sign a document on delimitation and demarcation of the border. The CSTO can only help in this matter. The CSTO will never hinder this process. Because Azerbaijan does not attack the territory of Armenia. It is clear that this process cannot pass without conflict. For this purpose, it would be good to establish a joint commission on the demarcation of the border by Azerbaijan and Armenia. That commission should clearly define the borderline. Unfortunately, the Armenian side does not want to establish such a commission. In principle, it is possible to create a joint commission, carry out delimitation and demarcation of the border, and sign a border agreement. It is possible to put an end to everything."