Political Scientist: Hopes for Washington in Garabagh issue are dashed

Political Scientist: Hopes for Washington in Garabagh issue are dashed
# 16 September 2023 20:09 (UTC +04:00)

“As it is known, U.S. Department of State Senior Advisor for Caucasus Negotiations today has come to Baku after Yerevan. He held a meeting with Azerbaijan’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Jeyhun Bayramov. In the meeting, official Baku’s concern regarding the recent situation in the region was brought to the guest's attention.” said docent Zaur Mammadov, Chairman of the Baku Club of Political Scientists and Adviser of the Academy of Public Administration Under the President of The Republic of Azerbaijan, APA reports.

The political scientist reminded that especially in the last 1 year, many people in Baku put their hopes on the meetings held in Washington and thought that for the first time in the history of the Democratic Party, someone - namely Anthony Blinken - would approach the issue objectively: For the sake of justice, I would like to point out that a very good atmosphere was created at the meetings of the Azerbaijani and Armenian MFA heads held in Washington this year, in which Blinken also participated, and the head of the US State Department adopted a more rational approach than his predecessors in the 30-year history, and not only accepted most of Azerbaijan's theses, also took practical steps to implement the main principles. But unfortunately, it seems that recently due to the pressure and efforts of certain forces across the ocean, Blinken has decided to back down.

It is highly likely that what Louis Bono said behind closed doors in Baku today did not soften the atmosphere of prejudice in the speech that took place in the Senate 2 days ago between Washington and Baku, but on the contrary, strengthened it even more. The first principle that Azerbaijan wants to hear from the USA, EU and Russia is the priority of the country's sovereignty and territorial integrity, and the demand to approach other issues from this aspect. Unfortunately, in recent times, the principles of territorial integrity and sovereignty are being forgotten in the West's approach to issues.

Principally, the use of the term "the rights of the people of Nagorno-Garabagh" by Y. Kim, the US Assistant Secretary of State two days ago, was an indicator of the thinking of her colleagues. During those speeches in the Senate, American politicians almost accusing the Azerbaijani government of committing genocide regarding the rights and security of Armenian residents in Garabagh, and their opinions voiced about the Garabagh policy of President Ilham Aliyev were met with strong dissatisfaction by our society.

That speech and Washington's approach to the issues before and after it is an indication that this country ignores international law regarding Azerbaijan.

During the hearings in the Senate, not one person voiced the expressions of territorial integrity and inviolability of Azerbaijan's borders. Instead, there were statements defending the separatist bandit groups. However, it is known to everyone that the main goal of Armenia is to achieve the separation of Garabagh from Azerbaijan, as in Kosovo, by promoting the slogan "for the sake of salvation - freedom" on the territory of Azerbaijan.

American senators and government representatives who in the Senate stated that the Lachin road was allegedly closed and Armenians in Garabagh were hungry, put their image under question in the CIS region with their next show. Because not only the public of Azerbaijan, but also the authorities of other states suffering from separatism, had to think about their relations with the other side of the ocean against the background of this speech in the Senate. Notice that the politicians, who almost cried for the "hungry Armenians" with handkerchiefs during the meeting, for some reason, preferred to remain silent about the Aghdam road. If that so, if you want to provide humanitarian aid and you are worried about 30,000 people, then why don't you send food to Baku and help Khankandi through Aghdam? Of course, the answer is obvious. France and the United States want to play their own games and actualize the Armenian issue in the region with a show called a humanitarian disaster. However, if no one, but Blinken knows very well that based on the agreements reached, the Aghdam-Khankandi road should have been opened from September 1.

Currently, Azerbaijanis are carefully watching the behavior of all mediating countries in the peace negotiations. Clearly, the disputes in Transnistria, Abkhazia and Ossetia, Crimea, Luhansk-Donetsk are approached the same way, but a different approach to Garabagh seems to be taking place. True, the same behavior of Washington in relation to all these conflicts should be noted - all the mentioned regions were separated from the state they were part of, and there is no real support for their return to Georgia and Moldova, and in Ukraine, the current processes put the hopes that territorial integrity will be ensured under question.

For the first time among the conflicts and separatist groups listed above, it was Azerbaijan that managed to solve its problem on its own without relying on anyone's sweet promises. The step taken by the official Baku 3 years ago inspired all the countries suffering from conflicts and separatism around. Of course, this situation could not but worry some circles. They used methods previously tested in other states regarding not only the power of the victorious Azerbaijani state, but also civil society and individual social groups. If before, work was being done to brainwash some people in the opposition parties, in the last 3 years, they have been working to realize their goals through the NGO sector, public associations, and student groups.

The destruction of national values, traditions, patriotic feelings, support for LGTB, and the creation of movements such as NO WAR are of course purposeful. The USAID, headed by Samantha Power, which is distinguished by its pro-Armenian position and for some reason does not create peace platforms in Armenia, platforms of peace-lovers with Azerbaijan, is looking for people who talk about the need for peace with Armenians in Baku. For some reason, the rights of displaced persons from Khojaly, Aghdara, villages of Shusha, Khojavand, and Khankandi are not discussed in the meetings about Armenian residents of Garabagh within the framework of peace platforms in foreign countries.

Thus, I note with great regret that the steps taken by France and the pro-Armenian forces in the United States may result in separatists being reassured at a time when we have a chance to start an era of peace and stability in the region.

Azerbaijan will achieve its goals in one way or another, and regardless of who says what, we will not turn from our rightful path. Like 3 years ago, this time we will see who will be with us in victory. Forces with geopolitical interests in the region will protect their interests if they demonstrate objectivity in the processes."

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