Non-intervention of Iranian police gives reason to assume the terrorist attack was pre-planned - MFA

head of the press service of Azerbaijani MFA, Aykhan Hajizade

© APA | head of the press service of Azerbaijani MFA, Aykhan Hajizade

# 06 February 2023 15:45 (UTC +04:00)

"The terrorist who attacked our embassy in Iran was detained, was not treated as a criminal while he was detained. The fact that the Iranian police did not intervene in the terrorist act suggests that the incident was pre-planned," said the head of the press service of Azerbaijani MFA, Aykhan Hajizade, at the press conference held today, APA reports.

The official of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs noted that reports disseminated on social networks in recent days include a number of inaccurate interpretations regarding the chronology of the terrorist incident: “The main reason for this is the videos have wrong references to the timing. In this regard, we state that the street-facing cameras of the embassy show the time 24 minutes early. This difference exists with some technical factors. There is a time difference between the cameras inside and outside the embassy. This time difference is equal to 24 minutes.”

Aykhan Hajizade pointed out the issue of the terrorist to choose namely Friday for the attack on the embassy: “That day is a non-working day in Iran. The fact that he brought an automatic weapon, a cartridge clip full of bullets, a pistol, as well as a Molotov cocktail and other incendiary substances to the scene of the incident in order to minimize any obstacles to the terrorist act, suggests that the incident was planned in advance.”

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