Participants of Global Young Leaders Conference visit Azerbaijani embassy in US – PHOTOSESSION

Participants of Global Young Leaders Conference visit Azerbaijani embassy in US – <font color=red>PHOTOSESSION  </font>
# 06 July 2012 07:57 (UTC +04:00)
Baku – APA. Participants of the Global Young Leaders Conference visited the Azerbaijani embassy in the US. The embassy told APA that totally 25 students from the UK, Jordan, Australia, Switzerland, Philippine, the UAE, the Republic of South Africa, Qatar, New Zealand, Trinidad and Tobacco, Norway, Oman, Spain and the US.

Stressing the historical development way of Azerbaijan ambassador Elin Suleymanov spoke about the successes of Azerbaijan in various spheres during 21 years after restoration of independence of the Republic of Azerbaijan, which was heir of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic. Speaking about the advantages of geographical position of Azerbaijan the ambassador informed the guests about the relations of Azerbaijan with neighboring states. Stressing the Armenia’s aggression against Azerbaijan Suleymanov said that the future of the region is peaceful life and integration. Despite the occupation fact and there are about 1 mln refugees and IDPs, he said that the economy of Azerbaijan has developed rapidly in recent years and 85% economy of the South Caucasus fell to Azerbaijan’s share. At the same time, the ambassador said that Azerbaijan has become transportation center and speak about the Azerbaijan’s role within the Silk way.

The ambassador informed the guests that Azerbaijan is multinational country from standpoint of ethnic and said that religious tolerance is the national resource of Azerbaijan.

He also responded questions of the participants about the influence of the Soviet Union to the political and cultural life of Azerbaijan and the relations of Azerbaijan with Western and Islamic countries after collapse of the Soviet Union.

At the end the video clip about the history and culture of Azerbaijan was demonstrated and young pianist Gunel Sadigova performed Azerbaijani music.

The Conference was established in 1985 and NGO Young Leadership Council financed this conference. 250 000 young people from more than 100 countries have been participating in the conferences, which were organized by the Council, for 26 years after establishment of the Young Leadership Council.