Spain and Netherlands to replay World Cup final

Spain and Netherlands to replay World Cup final
# 06 December 2013 19:02 (UTC +04:00)

Baku- APA Holders will begin their FIFA World Cup campaign with a rematch of their 2010 final against the Netherlands while England play Italy and Croatia open the tournament against Brazil after the draw was made in Costa do Sauipe, APA reports quoting

In all 13 European teams will bid for the trophy in Brazil next summer and Croatia have the honour of facing the five-time champions in Sao Paulo on 12 June to kick off the event, with Mexico and Cameroon also in Group A. Spain and the Netherlands are in Group B with Chile and Australia while the toughest-looking section is Group D with former champions England, Italy and Uruguay in with Costa Rica.

The only one of the 32 contenders making their debut finals appearance, Bosnia and Herzegovina, start against Argentina and also meet Iran and Nigeria. Another notable section is Group G, with Germany, Portugal, Ghana and the United States.

The group stage runs from 12 to 26 June with the top two from each group going into the round of 16, which starts on 28 June. The competition concludes at the Estádio do Maracanã in Rio de Janeiro on 13 July.FIFA World Cup draw
Group A: Brazil (hosts), Croatia, Mexico, Cameroon

Group B: Spain (holders), Netherlands, Chile, Australia

Group C: Colombia, Greece, Ivory Coast, Japan

Group D: Uruguay, Costa Rica, England, Italy

Group E: Switzerland, Ecuador, France, Honduras

Group F: Argentina, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Iran, Nigeria

Group G: Germany, Portugal, Ghana, United States

Group H: Belgium, Algeria, Russia, South Korea

Schedule (all times CET)
Group stage
12 June
A: BRA v CRO, 22.00, Sao Paulo

13 June
A: MEX v CMR, 18.00, Natal
B: ESP v NED, 21.00, Salvador
B: CHI v AUS, 24.00, Cuiba

14 June
C: COL v GRE, 18.00, Belo Horizonte
D: URU v CRC, 21.00, Fortaleza
C: CIV v JPN, 24.00, Recife

15 June
D: ENG v ITA, 03.00, Manaus
E: SUI v ECU, 18.00, Brasilia
E: FRA v HON, 21.00, Porto Alegre
F: ARG v BIH, 24.00, Rio de Janeiro

16 June
G: GER v POR, 18.00, Salvador
F: IRI v NGR, 21.00, Curitiba
G: GHA v USA, 24.00, Natal

17 June
H: BEL v ALG, 18.00, Belo Horitzonte
A: BRA v MEX, 21.00, Fortaleza
H: RUS v JOR, 24.00, Cuiaba

18 June
B: AUS v NED, 18.00, Porto Alegre
A: CMR v CRO. 21.00, Manaus
B: ESP v CHI, 24.00, Rio de Janeiro

19 June
C: COL v CIV, 18.00, Brasilia
D: URU v ENG, 21.00, Sao Paulo
C: JPN v GRE, 24.00, Natal

20 June
D: ITA v CRC, 18.00, Recife
E: SUI v FRA, 21.00, Salvador
E: HON v ECU, 24.00, Curitiba

21 June
F: ARG v IRI, 18.00, Belo Horizonte
G: GER v GHA, 21.00, Forteleza
F: NGR v BIH, 24.00, Cuiaba

22 June
H: KOR v ALG, 18.00, Porto Alegre
G: USA v POR, 21.00, Manaus
H: BEL v RUS, 24.00, Rio de Janeiro

23 June
B: AUS v ESP, 18.00, Curitiba
B: NED v CHI, 18.00, Sao Paulo
A: CMR v BRA, 22.00, Brasilia
A: CRO v MEX, 22.00, Recife

24 June
D: ITA v URU, 18.00, Natal
D: CRC v ENG, 18.00, Belo Horizonte
C: JPN v COL, 22.00, Cuiaba
C: GRE v CIV, 22.00, Fortaleza

25 June
F: NGR v ARG, 18.00, Porto Alegre
F: BIH v IRI, 18.00, Salvador
E: HON v SUI, 22.00, Manaus
E: ECU v FRA, 22.00, Rio de Janeiro

26 June
G: USA v GER, 18.00, Recifie
G: POR v GHA, 18.00, Brasilia
H: KOR v BEL, 22.00, Sao Paulo
H: ALG v RUS, 22.00, Curitiba

Round of 16
28 June
49: 1A v 2B, 18.00, Belo Horizonte
50: 1C v 2D, 22.00, Rio de Janeiro

29 June
51: 1B v 2A, 18.00, Fortaleza
52: 1D v 2C, 22.00, Recife

30 June
53: 1E v 2F, 18.00, Brasilia
54: 1G v 2H, 22.00, Porto Alegre

1 July
55: 1F v 2E, 18.00, Sao Paulo
56: 1H v 2G, 22.00, Salvador

4 July
58: Winner 53 v Winner 54, 18.00, Rio de Janeiro
57: Winner 49 v Winner 50, 22.00, Fortaleza

5 July
60: Winner 55 v Winner 56, 18.00, Brasilia
59: Winner 51 v Winner 52, 22.00, Salvador

8 July
61: Winner 57 v Winner 58, 22.00, Belo Horizonte

9 July
62: Winner 59 v Winner 60, 22.00, Sao Paulo

Third-place play-off
12 July
63: Loser 61 v Loser 62, 18.00, Brasilia

13 July
64: Winner 61 v Winner 62, 21.00, Rio de Janeiro