Parliament discusses gasoline price hike

Parliament discusses gasoline price hike
# 03 December 2013 10:22 (UTC +04:00)

Igbal Aghazadeh said that the price increase was asked about during the budget discussion, but government officials did not give a concrete answer.

The MP called it an enigma: “Though the government denied it at that time, prices have already been increased. There was no need for this step of the Tariff Council. It should have a reason. This has led to an increase in food prices. Prices will rise by at least 90% from September next year. How will it impact the protection of the domestic market? How will we protect food security, if we don’t import any food? I demand the government to give an explanation.”

MP Zahid Oruj said that policy of regulating prices is pursued in a market economy of every country: “The government officials had noted it. What could have been, if the price increase had started from January 1? Thus, current price increase is normal. This price increase will have an impact on other products. Therefore, we should pay attention to this issue.”

MP Fazil Mustafa noted that the public should have been informed about the price hike in advance: “I do not accept the government's policy. President’s decisions at Vilnius summit are very good. It would be better for the government to pursue this successful foreign policy of Mr. President within the country.”

Addressing the meeting, first, MP Siyavush Novruzov touched upon the Vilnius summit: “It is a success. It is an obvious example of the balanced policy. Azerbaijan continues cooperating with all organizations. Azerbaijan has once again demonstrated that no one can dictate to this country.”

He also answered MP Fazil Mustafa’s views on price hikes: “My colleagues have spoken about the price hikes. As if, the Azerbaijani government doesn’t think about the people as much that Fazil Musatfa thinks nor carries out analysis. Of course, we are carrying out analysis. Ministers and deputy ministers have already spoken about it at committee meetings. Communications prices dropped. Earlier, the President had signed an agreement on increasing salaries and pensions. The agricultural sphere has been recently exempted from tax. Oil incomes are being spent efficiently. I consider that Fazil Mustafa is also spending oil incomes efficiently. ”

Speaker Ogtay Asadov also commented on Fazil Mustafa’s proposal on the construction of bike roads: “Though Fazil proposed it ironically, it is used everywhere. It is not a bad thing. These roads are widely used in Paris and other cities.”

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