Who wants to ally with whom in Azerbaijani politics? - POLL

Who wants to ally with whom in Azerbaijani politics? - <font color=red>POLL </font>
# 28 November 2008 13:51 (UTC +04:00)
Baku. Elnur Mammadli – APA. Musavat Party said they could ally only with Azerbaijan Popular Front Party. Chief of the party’s assembly Sulheddin Ekber told APA that Musavat had already determined its criteria and could ally with only a real opposition party having real political force. Sulheddin Ekber said Musavat was interested in allying with Azerbaijan Popular Front Party both for its political position and real power. Other parties are not in this list. And with whom do the other parties want to ally?

Deputy executive secretary of the ruling New Azerbaijan Party (YAP) Mubariz Gurbanli told APA that YAP considers the parties represented in the Consultation Assembly of Pro-government Parties its allies. Gurbanli said they were not interested in allying with the parties beyond that format.
“Of course there are parties with which we cooperate, but this cooperation is not on the level of alliance,” he said.

Deputy chairman of Azerbaijan Democratic Party Hesret Rustamov said ADP was the only party attaching great importance to liberal-democratic values in Azerbaijan.
“In this respect we have no allies. Our party is the only party for its new political course. In general rightists can be considered our allies. We allied with rightist organizations in terms of attaching great importance of common democratic principles, improving democracy in the country and we can be together now. Here include Musavat, Azerbaijan Popular Front Party, Classic Popular Front Party and Azerbaijan Liberal Party,” he said.

Chairman of Classic Popular Front Party Mirmahmud Miralioglu did not publicize the names of parties with whom he wants to be ally. He stated that the party’s allies are those, who work for nation and state and live with ideology of Musavat.
“There are a lot of parties like it. Some of them demonstrate these principles with action and some in words. If there are concrete obligations and terms, we will be allies with parties protected these principles in their activity,” he said.
Ali Aliyev, Chairman of Citizens’ Development Party said that they are allies with Azerbaijan Popular Front Party and Azerbaijan Liberal Party at present and cooperated within the framework of Azadlig block for three years. We have enough sincere and normal relations, “he said. Aliyev noted that they have not allied relations with other parties yet.
Fuad Mukhtarov , Secretary General of Azerbaijan National Independence Party underlined that there was not problem on issue of alliance . To him, the party has cooperated with several parties within the framework of “five” recently.
“I believe that ANIP can be ally with Musavat as a result of free exchange of views. We are ready for it every time,” he said. Mukhtarov noted that ANIP prepared to enter into Union for Democracy and considered these parties inside Union allies for it.

AXCP deputy chairman Hasan Karimov noted that they allied with the parties involved in the Opposition Cooperation Center. “We intend to develop this alliance further. We don’t see other parties as an ally, but we think we can work with KXCP. Other parties are out of the question of cooperation because we know their attitude to the government”.

Chairman of executive committee of Azerbaijan Liberal Party (ALP) Elman Mammadzadeh said his organization allied only with AXCP and CDP. “We don’t see other parties on this line yet. We are loyal to our signatures and therefore we observe all terms of alliance”.

Chairman of Umid Party Igbal Agazadeh said they were ready for cooperation with all political forces for democracy and common principles. “The question of alliance comes to agenda during the elections and we need to talk about the terms during this process. Only after that we can speak what parties we want to see in the alliance. The sides should reach common agreement. We have not talked with anyone on this issue yet and I can’t say whom we will choose our allies”.

Chairman of All Azerbaijan People’s Front Party (BAXCP) Gudrat Hasanguliyev told APA his party allied with the Azerbaijan National Unity and Takamul (Evolution) Party. He said they worked with the parties of Democratic Election Center and it was possible to establish alliance with those parties in future. “we discuss this issue event with the Great System Party too. We can ally with some parties despite that our views don’t coincide”.