Ali Ahmadov: “Limit imposed on electing one person more than twice should be cancelled” – EXCLUSIVE

Ali Ahmadov: “Limit imposed on electing one person more than twice should be cancelled” – <font color=red>EXCLUSIVE </font>
# 21 November 2008 17:40 (UTC +04:00)
Baku. Elnur Mammadli – APA. “Conduct of presidential elections in Azerbaijan every five years on the one hand determines the citizen’s right to be elected and people’s right to elect, on the other hand expresses limitation of the presidential term. Conduct of the presidential elections every five years fully ensures people’s right to elect and makes it available to elect the person justifying confidence of the voters and not to elect those who do not justify confidence. On the other hand the people gain the right to determine the decent candidate in the next elections. So, the main condition of democracy, the mechanism of changing the authorities by election is ensured,” Deputy Chairman, Executive Secretary of New Azerbaijan Party (YAP) Ali Ahmadov told APA exclusively. He said that the norm limiting the presidential term, which prohibits electing one person more than twice, in fact means restriction of the people’s right to elect.
“In this case the democratic norm and principle of justice such as the demonstration of people’s will is violated. The people’s right to elect is violated more than a concrete person’s right to be elected,” he said.

Ali Ahmadov also noted it should also be taken into consideration that the norm limiting election of one person more than twice limits the voters’ right and opportunity to elect.
“This restriction deprives people of the opportunity to elect the person, whom they want to see as president and whom they rely on most and makes the people to vote to another person.

Methinks, restrictions imposed on allowing a president to be elected more than twice is undemocratic and unfairness, that’s why these restriction should be annulled. This is the position of the New Azerbaijan Party and I believe that our party’s opinion demonstrates the wish of majority of people.

YAP Deputy Chairman noted that they respected for Constitution and laws and added that it was dictates of the time to make amendments to the Constitution on the basis of people’s will.
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