I have seen the exellent results of work in quake-hit regions, President Ilham Aliyev

I have seen the  exellent results of work in quake-hit regions, President Ilham Aliyev
# 11 October 2012 00:01 (UTC +04:00)
The President mentioned that the country underwent major floods two years ago and an earthquake this year. The Head of the State noted that last month he paid a visit to the quake-hit regions and witnessed the excellent results of work. "In a short time, both schools were built and houses are constructed and repaired. Enough huge amounts - 300 million manats were allocated from the state budget. We should try to organize the remaining funds to complete the job in a short time. However, it means the huge capacity of work. Thousands of houses were destroyed and became useless and the Azerbaijani government again took on the burden of the financial costs. "

The President stressed an importance to study and implement advanced practices in order to eliminate outcomes of the earthquake and floods in Azerbaijan. "No country in the world that is in developed countries, provides the funds from the state budget for the reconstruction of houses affected from natural disaster. All houses are insured. Each citizen insures his house. In case, if there is an unwanted incident, the insurance company pays the compensation. Of course, no one can predict natural disasters. No country can prevent an earthquake. Therefore, I believe that today we should engaged in this issue seriously. The new system should be introduced. The experience of developed countries should be learnt and the government has to provide specific proposals in the near future.

Of course, enlightenment and other necessary measures will be done in the society. We need to settle this issue. Because every time the state allocates hundreds of millions manats.
Of course, this is an additional burden on the state budget and on the other hand it is not a serious, systematic approach. We just consider the difficult situation of the people and have taken theses measures through implementing our social policy.
In fact, it should have a systematic approach and I am confident that we can establish the necessary system.