Gabil Huseynli and Adil Geybulla leave Musavat Party - UPDATED

Gabil Huseynli and Adil Geybulla leave Musavat Party -<font color=red> UPDATED</font>
# 04 January 2011 10:56 (UTC +04:00)
Geybulla told APA that they will announce the reasons of their resignation in a statement they will issue on today.

Geybulla said he would continue his political activity together with Gabil Huseynli. “This decision is related to our private position. We leave Musavat Party, but we remain loyal to the Musavat ideas. It is the main question. The ideas of Musavat are not only the Musavat party. This is very large notion and I think we have a right to that”.

Geybulla said the process of resignation in the Musavat party couldn’t be continuous. “Those who read newspapers know the reasons of resignations. I don’t intend to predict the further processes. I think everyone should determine own political activity. We will issue joint statement about our resignation where we will explain every question”.