Russia slams US over veto on Brazil's Gaza resolution

Russia slams US over veto on Brazil
# 20 October 2023 03:24 (UTC +04:00)

The Russian Foreign Ministry criticized the United States on Thursday for vetoing Brazil's United Nations Security Council resolution calling for an end to violence in Gaza, warning the move will have "monstrous" consequences, APA reports citing Teletrader.

"The UN Security Council, the main international body for maintaining global peace and security, again due to the position of one country - the United States - was unable to send a much-needed and urgent signal in favor of stopping the bloodshed and taking urgent humanitarian measures," the ministry said in a media release. Moscow also claimed Washington "doesn't care" about avoiding civilians casualties and the suffering of the people, and that it doesn't consider that Israel's "right to self-defense does not mean a license for indiscriminate mass retaliation."

Earlier, China expressed disappointment in the US decision to veto the resolution that sought to condemn the violence in the Middle East.