Member of parliament: We cannot risk our 3 mln of population for Armenians in Karabakh

Gurgen Arsenyan

© APA | Gurgen Arsenyan

# 03 February 2023 15:40 (UTC +04:00)

"About 3 million of Armenians live in Armenia and we cannot risk our population for the sake of Armenians in Karabakh, sayid Gurgen Arsenyan, member of leading "Civil Agreement" party during the parliament hearings today, APA reports citing

Speaking during the parliamentary hearings called by the country's opposition regarding the situation in the Lachin road, Gurgen Arsenyan accused those who participated in the hearings of irresponsibility.

“Are you ready to answer for your words and the accusations you made earlier? You are just sitting and shake your fingers. Determine your priorities right and begin to visualize what is happening correctly,”Arsenyan criticized the other party.

According to him, the people have already made a verdict on the current opposition in the elections held in 2021.

Arsenyan’s statements caused a quarrel.

Seyran Ohanyan, chairman of the parliamentary faction of the opposition "Armenian" bloc and presided over the hearing, called on the participants to be quiet and allow Arsenyan to continue his speech, but his requests were repeatedly ignored.

"Manipulating what is happening in Karabakh will not give you the opportunity to come to power in Armenia, forget it," said Arsenyan, adding that the "Civil Agreement" party is the responsible body for ensuring Armenia's state interests.

Arsenyan said that the normalization of relations with Turkiye is based on the national interests of his country, and noted that it is necessary to refrain from voicing expressions full of fear and hatred, because such speeches only cause damage.