Hamas official discusses hostages taken after attack on Israel

Ghazi Hamad, senior member of Hamas’s political bureau

© APA | Ghazi Hamad, senior member of Hamas’s political bureau

# 03 November 2023 14:12 (UTC +04:00)

A top Hamas official insisted Thursday in an interview with NBC News that the leadership was open to a "complete compromise" deal to free all the hostages the group has been holding for nearly a month, APA reports.

But Ghazi Hamad, a senior member of Hamas’s political bureau, also made a demand the Israelis are sure to reject: that Israel "release all the prisoners from the Israeli detention centers."

"We want these people to go home," Hamad said. "And, also, we want our prisoners now to go home. So I think we are ready now to have complete compromise, complete a deal, in order to receive all the hostages, either military or civilians."

Israel is holding 5,000 Palestinians prisoner, including 160 children, the United Nations reported in July. Of those, approximately 1,100 were detained without charge or trial, the United Nations said.