Pakistani religious leaders call for death to anti-Islam filmmaker

Pakistani religious leaders call for death to anti-Islam filmmaker
# 26 September 2012 20:52 (UTC +04:00)
Baku-APA. Senior religious leaders in Pakistan on Wednesday called for hanging of the maker of anti- Islam movie and condemned American leaders for refusal to ban the film, APA reportys quoting Xinhua.

Leaders of major Islamic groups met here to discuss the blasphemous movie and warned that anti-Islam movies can lead to clash of civilizations and trigger a third world war.

They adopted a resolution, urging all Muslim countries to formulate a law criminalizing the acts of blasphemy towards the Muslim Prophets.

The resolution said that Muslim countries should form their own United Nations to protect sanctity of their religious beliefs.

It also condemned publication of blasphemous cartoons by a French magazine adding that freedom of expression has become a tool against the Muslims.

The resolution said that Christian Pastor Terry Jones and the makers of the film must be hanged over and the US envoys must be expelled from all Muslim countries in protest against the sacrilegious movie.

It added that the West has hurt the feelings of billions of Muslims by making the movie and they should quit their negative policies.

The statement demanded the government to shut NATO supply line as a protest. The parties also called upon the contractors to stop transporting supplies for foreign troops in Afghanistan as protest against the blasphemous acts.

The leaders said that President Barack Obama refused to ban the movie despite frequent calls by world Muslim leaders.

"The whole Muslim nation is shocked at the film and the statement by President Barack Obama that the sacrilegious film cannot be banned indicates that US government is involved in the shameful act," the resolution said.

The religious leaders decided to hold more demonstrations against the movie, asking the people to join protests to convey to the United States that the Muslims and people in Pakistan are united against this sacrilegious act.
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