Saudi Arabia nabs nearly 30 activists

Saudi Arabia nabs nearly 30 activists
# 29 April 2011 03:09 (UTC +04:00)
Baku-APA. Saudi Arabian security forces have detained up to 30 Shia activists over the past two days, keeping up with their crackdown on pro-reform protests, APA reports quoting Press TV.

The detainees, who included two internet activists, were arrested in the eastern city of Qatif for taking part in anti-government protests, AFP reported on Thursday.

"Arrests have been ongoing for sometime but in the past few days it focused on bloggers and writers," a Shia activist was quoted as saying on condition of anonymity as he feared facing arrest.

"The number of Shias arrested since the start of the protests and (those who) remain in jail is 140."

Earlier in the month, a Human Rights Watch report said the authorities have arrested over 160 activists since February.

The people were called to police stations or saw their homes being raided by police.

“Even ordinary people have been detained for taking part in demonstrations,” a human rights campaigner was quoted as saying.

The Saudi nationals have been voicing outrage at Riyadh’s continued imprisonment of people without charge and the suppression of women’s rights. The unemployed have been rallying for job opportunities and their share of the biggest Arab economy’s oil income.

Riyadh has also sparked outrage among the country’s public for dispatching troops to Bahrain to aid Manama’s current deadly crackdown on the popular protests there.

The protests have been held despite a ban by the Interior Ministry on all kinds of demonstrations and public gatherings.
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