UN chief condemns anew Syria’s crackdown on protesters

UN chief condemns anew Syria’s crackdown on protesters
# 27 April 2011 04:55 (UTC +04:00)
UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon on Tuesday reiterated a strong condemnation of the military repression of civilian protesters by the government of Syrian President Bashir al Assad, APA reports quoting Earth Times.

Ban said following a closed-door session with the UN Security Council that the situation in Syria has become "increasingly a grave concern" for the international community, citing the government’s use of tanks against protesters.

"I condemn utterly the continued violence against peaceful protesters, most particularly the use of tanks and live fire that killed and injured hundreds of people," Ban told reporters at UN headquarters.

He said the Syrian authorities have the obligation to protect the civilian population and respect international human rights, including rights of free expression and peaceful assembly.

Ban said he and the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay have agreed that there should be an independent and effective investigation of civilian deaths in Syria.

Ban said the 15-nation council planned a full-fledged meeting on Wednesday on the situation in Syria with the attendance of government officials.

The council had been discussing behind closed doors a draft statement reacting to the military repression of civilian protesters and the deaths of reportedly 300 since mid-March. But diplomats said China and Russia were opposed to any move by the body to condemn Syria.

The council president, Colombia’s UN Ambassador Nestor Osorio, said, "There are drafts circulating, but nothing concrete."

Osorio said the council will meet Wednesday afternoon to hear an updated briefing on the situation in the Middle East by UN officials.
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