Massive Rally for Chavez Planned Instead of Inauguration

Massive Rally for Chavez Planned Instead of Inauguration
# 10 January 2013 01:20 (UTC +04:00)

Baku-Venezuelan authorities called for a massive show of support of cancer-stricken Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez on Thursday, the day he was to be sworn in for another six-year presidential term, APA reports quoting Xinhua.

Venezuela's Supreme Court on Wednesday ruled to postpone President Hugo Chavez's inauguration until after he completes a course of treatment for cancer. Chief judge of Venezuela’s Supreme Court, Luisa Morales, said that inauguration of Chavez was unnecessary as he served a consecutive term.

Thousands of Venezuelans have flocked to the capital to take part in the rally.

Incumbent presidents of Uruguay and Bolivia, Jose Mujica and Evo Morales, ex-president of Paraguay Fernando Lugo, have confirmed their participation in the rally. Foreign ministers of Argentina and Ecuador, Hector Timerman and Ricardo Patino will also attend.

Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega is due to deliver a speech “with worlds of our love for Hugo Chavez” at the rally, his spokeswoman Rosario Murillo said.

“We will stand united in our support for the people of Venezuela in the first days of Hugo Chavez’s new mandate,” she said.

Leaders of Argentina and Peru, Cristina Kirchner and Ollanta Humala, are likely to visit Chavez during their working visits to Cuba to take place later this week.

Chavez, 58, who has ruled Venezuela for 13 years, underwent four operations for cancer and four courses of chemotherapy in Cuba and Venezuela within a year. He underwent his fourth surgery to remove cancerous tissue in Cuba on December 11.

According to the latest official reports, Chavez is being treated for ''respiratory deficiency'' after complications from a severe lung infection.

Venezuela’s Vice President Nicolas Maduro said on Tuesday Chavez asked parliament to postpone his inauguration, set for Thursday, citing doctors’ recommendations.

A Venezuelan opposition leader said the opposition would not protest against the Supreme Court’s decision.