Mexican president criticizes U.S. threats to close border as "demagogic"

Mexican president criticizes U.S. threats to close border as "demagogic"
# 30 January 2024 06:40 (UTC +04:00)

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador on Monday dismissed as "demagogic" recent threats from some U.S. politicians to close the Mexico-U.S. border, APA reports

Closing the border between the two countries would not resolve the immigration problem as these politicians suggest, Lopez Obrador said at his regular daily press conference.

"With a modicum of intelligence, you couldn't think that this is a solution," Lopez Obrador told reporters at the National Palace in Mexico City.

U.S. President Joe Biden remarked a few days ago that he would be willing to close the border with Mexico should the flow of migrants exceed the administration's capabilities.

Donald Trump, Biden's predecessor and potential Republican presidential candidate in November 2024, has also mentioned the possibility of closing the border as he campaigns to return to power.

According to Lopez Obrador, the threat to close the border is just politicians relying on emotion rather than reason to drum up support.

"The position 'we are going to close the borders' is very demagogic," he said.

Closing the border would have untold consequences for Mexican and U.S. companies, given the degree of commercial integration that exists between Mexico and the United States, noted Lopez Obrador.

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