Ukrainian finance minister says government will not accept any territorial losses

Ukraine’s Finance Minister Serhii Marchenko

© APA | Ukraine’s Finance Minister Serhii Marchenko

# 28 March 2022 20:34 (UTC +04:00)

Ukraine’s Finance Minister Serhii Marchenko says the government will not accept any loss of territory to Russia and that despite the war, salaries and pensions are being paid, APA reports citing CNN.

“I want to tell you that despite all the war we see right now, our government is still functioning,” Marchenko told CNN’s Julia Chatterley. He said the government is paying salaries and pensions, and $200 to every person who lost their job because of the war.

“It is more than 3 million people now which are refugees and live in European countries temporarily. It is also great damage for our economy,” he said.

Asked about comments made by Ukrainian Military Intel Chief Kyrylo Budanov suggesting that Russian President Vladimir Putin could be looking to carve Ukraine in two – like North and South Korea, Marchenko said that Ukraine will not accept any territorial losses.

“We will not accept any losses of our country. We will fight against any possible scenario which moves us toward this,” Marchenko said.

“It is not possible even to mention that we can live without some part of our territory because it is about our economy. It is about our people. It is about our logistics now. Our harbor in Odesa region is blocked. So we need to find another way how to transfer commodities towards Europe and other countries,” added the Finance Minister.

Marchenko added that not enough has been done in terms of sanctions.

“For us, it is important that every Russian citizen suffers and this is why sanctions are very important on this particular matter and our government and our president tried to do everything that’s possible that every Russian citizen understands that the way they support their power is the wrong way,” he added.