Ukraine's membership in EU cannot be accelerated

Olaf Scholz, German Chancellor

© APA | Olaf Scholz, German Chancellor

# 19 May 2022 16:22 (UTC +04:00)

"Germany and other EU member states will support Ukraine in its European integration aspirations, but some procedures cannot be bypassed or accelerated," German Chancellor Olaf Scholz made a corresponding statement, speaking at the Bundestag on Thursday, APA reports citing Ukrinform correspondent.

Scholz recalled his own words: "Ukraine is a part of our European family." But, he noted that President of France Emmanuel Macron was right when he said that the membership process was long and could take many years.

"There are no shortcuts to the European Union," Scholz said, adding that it would be unfair to the Western Balkan countries, which have been waiting to join the EU for several years.

At the same time, Scholz pledged to provide Ukraine with all possible support on its European integration path, particularly regarding strengthening the system of governance and democracy.

"We need to focus now on supporting Ukraine pragmatically and quickly," the Chancellor said, adding that the EU leaders would consult on how to do so, including at next week's summit.

He noted that Ukraine had submitted an application, and the European Commission should assess at the end of June.

In his speech, Scholz also noted that Ukraine would need billions of euros in reconstruction aid after the war. He said Europe is ready to help, stressing the need to establish a solidarity fund.

The German Chancellor also drew attention to the Russian war's profound consequences, which went far beyond purely security aspects. These include the global rise in prices, the energy crisis, and looming food crisis, etc.

The politician touched separately on the issue of Europe's energy security against Russian energy sources and from fossils in general, achieving the goals of climate neutrality. He pointed out the need for trans-European energy routes in this context.

"I warned at the beginning of the war that the consequences of the war would affect us as well. But I am convinced we will overcome them. We are a strong country with strong allies. We know that we defend peace, freedom, and law," Scholz said.

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