Lebanese protest US convoy visit

Lebanese protest US convoy visit
# 08 April 2011 04:01 (UTC +04:00)
Baku-APA. People in the Lebanese city of Sidon have once again have taken to the streets to protest against a visit by a group of US embassy staff in Beirut, calling them “Israeli conspirators”, APA reports quoting Press TV

In the second such incident in a week, around 60 people gathered outside a government building in Sidon and pelted stones as the US embassy convoy drove by chanting “Americans, Israeli conspirators, in our government offices.”

The US embassy official confirmed the “incident” and said that no one was injured, but some car-windows were shattered, AFP reported.

“We had a security delegation that had a pre-scheduled meeting with the head of the Internal Security Forces in Sidon,” the official said. He declined to give further details.

Last Saturday, a similar incident occurred when Lebanese youth threw stones and bottles at a US embassy group who were visiting Sidon, Lebanon’s third largest city.

A spontaneous rally happened in protest at a US convoy’s unexpected visit to the city. The protesters who were provoked by the scene of the convoy’s resting in a cafe in the city, with guards flaunting their weapons, started to chant anti-US slogans, and shouted “Leave Sidon,” and “The US is unwelcome in South Lebanon,” a Press TV correspondent in Beirut reported.

The protesters had asked, “Why does the US convoy pay unexpected visits? What are their claims? And what is the Lebanese government’s reaction? ”

The Lebanese armed forces who also pointed guns at the protesters, detained three college students and kept them in custody till Thursday only to find out that another US convoy had come to their hometown and had been greeted with a similar protest, the correspondent said.
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