Health Ministry reveals causes of some maternal deaths in Azerbaijan

Health Ministry reveals causes of some maternal deaths in Azerbaijan
# 03 December 2013 09:35 (UTC +04:00)

Baku. Konul Kamilgizi – APA. The Ministry of Health has revealed the reasons of maternal deaths in Azerbaijan this year.

Deputy head of the Health Ministry’s department for organization of medical aid Gular Agayeva told APA that every fact of maternal death in the county has already been investigated by Obstetrical Commission: “The investigations found out that somatic diseases not related to pregnancy have mainly caused the maternal deaths. These diseases aggravate during pregnancy and lead to obstetric complications. If any disease is found in pregnant women, these women are proposed to be aborted. But they strongly object to this,” said Gular Agayeva.

Speaking about the maternal deaths in some regions of Azerbaijan, Agayeva said:

“On March 10, 2013, Zagatala resident, 27-year-old Sadiyeva Rashida Mahammad had high temperature and her state deteriorated. It was decided to take her to a specialized clinic. Rashida Sadiyeva was taken to the Republic Clinic Hospital under the control of obstetrician-gynecologist. Bu the woman suddenly died after water breaking. The examination conducted by the commission revealed that purulent bronchopneumonia caused her death. She was in critical condition when she was being taken to hospital. The doctors could not save her life, because serious processes emerged in her lungs.”

Agayeva also touched on the incident at the maternity wards of Ujar Central Hospital on April 11: “Resident of Kurdamish village of Goychay region, 27-year-old Mammadova Flora Gulamat appealed to the hospital due to the problem during pregnancy. The woman was admitted to intensive care unit and died there. The investigation revealed that the woman had serious lungs problems. Then bilateral purulent bronchopneumonia was found in the woman after the dissection and pregnancy was contraindicated. Consequently, the lungs problems caused the woman’s death.”

The Ministry official said that resident of Yukhari Nematabad village of Aghdash region Majidova Parvana Akif, 36, and her daughter died in childbirth at maternity unit in Aghdash Region Central Hospital and it was revealed that complications of HCV infection and liver cirrhosis had caused the maternal death. Aghayeva said that the woman was tested during pregnancy and it was revealed that she was Hepatitis C carrier: “As she was not controlled, it resulted in her death”.

She also spoke about the death that occurred in May: “On May 25, Asadova Aynur Sadiyar gave birth at maternity unit in Goychay Region Central Hospital and was discharged, but her health deteriorated. She was admitted to the hospital again with blood pressure on May 28. As she was in a serious condition, a doctor was called from Baku. However, despite the efforts of doctors, she died from sharp rise in blood pressure on June 2. It was found out that 38-year-old woman died of hypertension disease. She died of brain haemorrhage.

32-year old Agabalayeva Shahla Aydin was brought to Ismayilli Region Central Hospital to give birth to her child on June 27. It was determined during the childbirth that the fetus was dead. The dead fetus was removed from the womb in a natural way. 10 minutes after the birth the mother’s condition deteriorated. Despite the efforts and all medical interventions, it was impossible to save her life. As a result of the investigation conducted by the Commission, it was revealed that the cause of the death was a heart failure.”

Aghayeva also spoke about other death cases: “On September 22, 32-year old Rijai Fargana Ismat was brought to Ganja Region Perinatal Center for childbirth and later she died. As a result of the investigation conducted by the Commission, it was known that the cause of her death was skin cancer metastasis to the lungs.

33-year old tax inspector at Tax Audit Department under the Ministry of Taxes Vusala Amirullayeva died in childbirth at Leyla Shikhlinskaya Clinics. She died while giving birth to her twins on October 7.

The investigation found out that the woman underwent brain surgery in 2008 and pregnancy was contraindicated. But she wished it and became pregnant. She was advised to interrupt the pregnancy, but the woman said she would give birth. During the operation she fell into coma, as she had cerebral haemorrhage. It was impossible to save the woman, who remained in coma for 25 days. On November 7, resident of Chaparli village of Agsu region Ramila Agaverdi Shikhaliyeva, 32, was admitted to Lankaran Perinatal Center at 7.45, she died at birth at 8.15. She died of coronary thrombosis.”

Agayeva said some cases are still under investigation, exact information about their results will be known after the investigations are over.

“A fact of maternal death was recorded at the Republic Perinatal Center on May 14. Fataliyeva Maral Umidvar, 27, was admitted to the center on May 11 in the 23rd-24th week of her pregnancy. It was her fifth pregnancy and third childbirth. On May 14, at night she felt worse. Doctors were obliged to turn to caesarean-section delivery. But despite the measures taken, the patient and the baby died. This was caused by anesthesia death. The body was examined and the cause was shown as anesthesia death. The case is being investigated by law-enforcement bodies. Exact cause will be known after the investigations are over.”

Agayeva noted that Goychay region resident Guliyeva Khayala Akif, 22, died at childbirth at Goychay Central Hospital on November 23. According to her, Guliyeva had asphyxia and cramp at the end of the delivery.

“Despite blood transfusion, it was impossible to save the mother. The cause of the death is still unknown. The body has been sent for forensic medical examination, it will be investigated by the commission after the results are known,” she said.

23 women died at childbirth in 11 months of this year. As a result of the investigations carried out by the Health Ministry’s Obstetrical Commission, 72 medical servants faced administrative punishments, 9 doctors were dismissed.

The names of the abovementioned persons have not been revealed by the Ministry of Health. Deputy head of the Health Ministry’s department for organization of medical aid Gular Agayeva told APA only dates and places of the incidents.

APA has conducted monitoring basing on this information, confirmed the victims’ names and included in the article.

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