Book titled “Splendor and Misery of Leyla Yunus” presented

Book titled “Splendor and Misery of Leyla Yunus” presented
# 08 December 2017 10:58 (UTC +04:00)

The book titled “Splendor and Misery of Leyla Yunus” by lawyer Elchin Gambarov was presented in Baku on Friday.

The author said that the book tells about Leyla Yunus, who is referred to as ‘human rights defender’, betraying her friends and those like-minded for the sake of her freedom while under investigation.

Speaking at the event, MP Chingiz Ganizade noted that Leyla Yunus was in the organization’s leadership where he worked, but but was dismissed due to her work being unsatisfactory.

Ganizade also stressed that Leyla Yunus was skilled at creating ‘scenarios’ in processes.

The MP added that Leyla Yunus received hundreds of thousands of dollars under various pretexts, deceiving not only the Azerbaijani authorities but also international organizations.

The chairman of the Bar Association, Anar Baghirov, thanked Gambarov for exposing Leyla Yunus.

"Lawyers must observe ethical rules. In this book there are no violations of ethical norms in connection with advocacy. The author talks about the real estate Leyla Yunus bought overseas at the expense of the money obtained through a variety of ways and what accounts the funs were transferred to,” Baghirov said.

The author informed that he had been en eyewitness to Leyla Yunus being a tool in the hands of pro-Armenian and anti-Azerbaijan forces, undermining the image of Azerbaijan’s government and state independence.

“During the period of a year and a half while defending her, I visited her 3 times a week, dedicating my whole day to her. I put all of my energy into her work. After Leyla Yunus went abroad I heard that she was spreading the propaganda that I was working against the government, thus I began to struggle against her. This is my personal matter. The government couldn’t have known the delicate matters between the client and the lawyer: With undeniable facts, specific documents and visual evidence, the public are being informed about the ugly deeds of Leyla Yunus who works with the principal that everything is for mercenary,” he added.

MPs Sahib Aliyev, Elshen Musayev and others shared their thoughts on the book.