Azerbaijani president approves “Law on Restriction of Use of Tobacco Products”

Azerbaijani president approves “Law on Restriction of Use of Tobacco Products”
# 29 December 2017 15:54 (UTC +04:00)

Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev has signed a decree on the application of the “Law on Restriction of Use of Tobacco Products”, dated Dec. 1, 2017, APA reported.

In accordance with the law, smoking of cigarettes, hookah and electronic cigarettes is prohibited in the following places:

- Education and nurturing institutions and their territories;

- Health care, rehabilitation and sanatorium-and-spa institutions and their territories (with the exception of open spaces and special closed places. The requirements for such locations will be determined by the relevant executive authority);

- All enterprises, institutions and organizations irrespective of their type of ownership and organizational-legal form (with the exception of open spaces and special closed places);

- Sports venues and other areas for public events;

- Restaurants, cafes, bars, including the public catering facilities (with the exception of open spaces and special closed places)

- Trade facilities;

- Household objects;

- Social service facilities;

- Means of positioning;

- Theaters and cinemas, circus buildings, exhibition halls, reading rooms, libraries, museums and other cultural facilities;

- Children's playgrounds;

- Closed surface and underground pedestrian crossings;

- Buses running on regular inter-city (intra-district), long distance (inter-district) and international routes, cars and taxis

- Vestibules, crossings, platforms and carriages at subway stations;

- Air transport, railway trains (except for specially designated areas). Water transport (except for specially designated areas);

- Administrative buildings of airports and ports, except for especially designated areas, railway stations, bus terminals and bus stops;

- Inside elevators and multi-family residential buildings;

- Payphones;

- Petrol stations, as well as buildings and facilities storing flammable substances;

In accordance with the law, an employer will allocate places for smoking. Municipalities will also take steps to restrict the use of tobacco products.

According to the Article 212.1 of the Code of Administrative Offences, the penalty in the amount of 30 manats will be applied for the smoking in prohibited places.

The project also provides penalties for lack of a sign or notice, which prohibits smoking in institutions, offices and organizations. The fine for officials for lack of signs will be 400 manats, and legal entities will have to pay 1,000 manats.