Azerbaijani Education Ministry to consider issue of university tuition fees in March

Azerbaijani Education Ministry to consider issue of university tuition fees in March
# 06 January 2016 14:02 (UTC +04:00)

Tuition fees are paid with Azerbaijani manat based on the contract between students and the university, the education ministry told APA.

“Those contracts have to be in force until students complete their study and tuition fees must not be changed. A higher education institution has no right to require the payment of tuition fees in US dollars or the currency of any other country,” the ministry said.

A spokesman of Tafakkur University told APA that the recent media reports that the university is going to receive tuition fees in US dollars are groundless.

The spokesman said the examinations are underway and there was no student at the university yesterday.

“The examinations started today. The notice is baseless and it is unclear which university it refers to. Some media outlets have released misinformation, without contacting the university administration,” added the spokesman.

The education ministry told APA that it has investigated the information on Tafakkur University. “The university told us that there was no such notice in the university’s building and there had been no change in tuition fees,” said the ministry.

Expert of education Ajdar Aghayev told APA that there is no clarity on the issue of tuition fees. “Annual tuition fee for each specialty should be clear. There is no instruction in this regard. Thus, the universities, given their needs, themselves determine these fees,” he said.

The expert went on to add that universities will face loses if tuition fees will remain unchanged among these problems. “Universities will reconsider this issue after manat’s devaluation. The matter is about on which fact this reconsideration will be based on. 80 percent of universities, especially private universities in the country keep themselves thank to tuition fees. They will increase the tuition fees, if are unable of paying salaries to the employees. How would the students pay the fees in such a case? Thus, the government’s intervention is necessary,” he said.

According to recent reports, students of Baku Girls University and Tafakkur University are demanded to pay tuition fees in US dollars after manat’s devaluation.