Person who was in Armenian captivity: "Ludvik Mkrtichyan with "Lyokha" pseudonym beat us, insulted in Azerbaijani"

Habib Kazimov

© APA | Habib Kazimov

# 02 June 2021 12:52 (UTC +04:00)

"I was taken prisoner by Armenians when Gubadly was occupied by Armenians in 1993," said Habib Kazimov, known as a victim on the criminal case of Armenian militants, who tortured Azerbaijani captives, APA reports.

He has been in Armenian captivity for one year 9 months.

"Armenians bit us with iron, reinforcing steel, iron stick, hammer and tortured. Both of the terrorists, who are judged here now, closely participated in those tortures, Both of them had pseudonyms there. The pseudonym of one of them was "Lyokha", another one "Lyosha". Mkrtichyan Ludvik's pseudonym was "Lyokha". He says here that he does not know Azerbaijani. But he was talking with us there. He insulted us even in the Azerbaijani language."

The victim also added that there were about 40 Azerbaijanis in the camera, where he was detained: "There have been persons, who died during tortures, as well as who could not stand and committed self-suicide. I am glad only that these terrorists have been currently detained by our state and brought to court, they will be punished for their deeds. They recognized me during the confrontation."

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