Peaceful protests on Azerbaijan's Lachin-Khankendi road continues for 32 day-PHOTO-VIDEO-UPDATED

Peaceful protests on Azerbaijan
# 12 January 2023 15:34 (UTC +04:00)

Eco-activists and representatives of NGOs are continuing the action in the city of Shusha - on the Lachin-Khankendi road, in protest against the illegal exploitation of mineral deposits, especially the Gizibulag gold and Demirli copper-molybdenum deposits, in the areas under the temporary control of Russian peacekeepers, APA's correspondent assigned to Shusha reports.

On 32th day of the peaceful protest, despite the frosty weather in the afternoon, the protestors continue their action and chant different slogans.

aksiyanın 32-ci günündə, günorta saatlarında havanın şaxtalı olmasına baxmayaraq, increase in the number of protesters is observed.

No incidents were observed during the action.


The peaceful protests of Azerbaijanis on the Lachin-Khankendi road against the illicit exploitation of mineral deposits in the Karabakh region of Azerbaijan have been going on for the 32nd day, APA's correspondent reports from the scene.

The protest action, which started on December 12, 2022, by the representatives of Azerbaijan's non-governmental organizations and eco-activists, continued throughout the last night.

Despite the freezing weather, the protestors continue to chant various slogans in English and Russian calling for an end to ecocide against Azerbaijan, as well as demanding monitoring of Azerbaijan’s mineral deposits in the areas where the Russian peacekeeping contingent has been temporarily deployed.

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