Israel: Gazan militants fire over 150 rocket and mortar rounds toward Israel's Southern District and Jerusalem-VIDEO-UPDATED

Iron Dome missile defense system

© APA | Iron Dome missile defense system

# 11 May 2021 01:50 (UTC +04:00)

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) reported that Gazan militants fired over 150 rocket and mortar rounds toward Israel late May 10, APA reports citing DW.

The Iron Dome missile defense system has reportedly intercepted dozens of rockets; the majority of other projectiles have landed in open fields.

No significant casualties or damages were immediately reported; however, some minor damages to buildings and infrastructure have been recorded in Israeli communities near the Israeli-Gazan border.

The rocket attacks triggered alert sirens in Israel's Southern District along the border with the Gaza Strip and in Jerusalem; at least seven rockets reportedly targeted the city.


Israel has launched air strikes against militant targets in the Gaza Strip, after rockets were fired from the territory towards Jerusalem, APA reports citing BBC.

The Hamas-run Palestinian health ministry in Gaza said 20 people, including children, had died in the strikes.

In Jerusalem, the rocket fire caused Israel's parliament to be evacuated as sirens sounded.

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