Investigation group: Landing not carried out according to the manufacturer's instructions

Investigation group: Landing not carried out according to the manufacturer
# 20 December 2021 12:51 (UTC +04:00)

“Wind speed and weather data were studied on the training day. Investigation documents also read that the wind speed in the area that day was 16-17 meters per second. The wind speed was not the level of the restriction,” said Sanan Pashayev, Director of the Investigation Department of the Prosecutor General's Office, Head of the Investigation Group established in connection with the helicopter crash, Counselor of Justice at the briefing held regarding "Preliminary results gained on the criminal case under investigation in connection with the crash of a military helicopter during training flights on November 30", APA reports.

He noted that no violation of law has been revealed in the movement of the helicopter route: “The pilots had to make landing against the wind. The pilots have not conducted landing operations in accordance with the instructions of the producer plant. Thus, the crash occurred, due to pilots making landing operations in the direction of wind flow. If landing operation was in the other direction, this incident would not occur.”