International community must help Azerbaijan on demining works - Romanian traveller

Romanian traveller Mattei Russu

© APA | Romanian traveller Mattei Russu

# 06 November 2023 12:49 (UTC +04:00)

"Azerbaijan is doing great work in the field of demining," Romanian Mattei Russu, a member of the international traveler's group who visited Azerbaijan's territories liberated from occupation, APA's Garabagh bureau reports.

He noted that demining is a very complex and difficult task: "If we take into account that there are no accurate maps of where the mines are, this makes finding mines and disarming them very difficult. Of course, it's difficult to do this without help from other countries, however, it's prideful that Azerbaijan is doing this without help and support from the international community. This is a big task that needs to be solved and Azerbaijan handles it well. I believe that if the international community came to help Azerbaijan on this issue, the situation would be better and this process would take less time."