Hazelnut exports to EU to be conducted on basis of AFSA's guarantee

Hazelnut exports to EU to be conducted on basis of AFSA
# 15 December 2021 10:07 (UTC +04:00)

Hazelnut has a significant place among planting products exported from our country currently. Food Safety Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan (AFSA) has strengthened control over exported hazelnut products from the first day of activity and conducted consecutive measures in this field. As a result of taken measures, cases of detection of aflatoxin in nut parties during export from our country to the European Union (EU) have decreased in comparison with previous years, AFSA told APA.

As a result of done works, the European Union has highly appreciated control system conducted by the Agency. Thus, relevant body of the EU has adopted a decision on allowance on the export of each batch of cargo by maintaining a 20% inspection frequency for hazelnut batches exported from our country, without involving toxicological examination and accompaniment with a relevant documeny. Thus, hazelnut products will be exported to EU countries under the control of the AFSA on basis of the guarantee of the body, using a risk-based approach.

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