Charity event titled "Azerbaijan-Korea friendship in the presentation of the residents of the “Umid Yeri" children's shelter" held

Charity event at “Umid Yeri" children

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# 15 December 2021 18:03 (UTC +04:00)

A charity event titled "Azerbaijan-Korea friendship in the presentation of the residents of the “Umid Yeri" children's shelter" has been held at “Umid Yeri" children's shelter with the organization of Embassy of Korea in Azerbaijan and SEBA (Seoul-Baku) Azerbaijan-Korean Cultural Exchange Association, APA reports.

Chairwoman of SEBA (Seoul-Baku) Azerbaijan-Korean Cultural Exchange Association Ruhangiz Heydarova spoke about the existence of strong friendly relations between Azerbaijan and Korea in all areas, noted that with the efforts of President Ilham Aliyev, these relations are expanding day by day: "The SEBA Association makes key contributions to the development of cultural ties between our peoples, implements various projects, organizes festivals, conferences, and exhibitions both in Korea and in our country."

R. Heydarova has expressed gratitude to the Korean Embassy to Azerbaijan for supporting these measures: “These are last days of activity of Kim Tong Op, who has been appointed an Ambassador to Azerbaijan since 2018, but I express gratitude as he has allocated time and participated at the event regarding children. Our relations are broad, we have cooperation in cultural, social, and medical fields. Children here are considered children of all of us. It is our first event after glorious victory, gained under the leadership of President Ilham Aliyev, power of our Army, and unity of our people. Mr. Ambassador also witnessed our victory. The victory is a great history. It was Supreme Commander-in-Chief, our Army who gave us this history. All of us are witnesses of history. I hope that our territories, liberated from occupation, will further be recognized in the world with their development, culture. Azerbaijani people are talented people. To know the value, to evaluate Homeland in the environment, where we live, work is the duty of all of us. A person, who does not have a love for Homeland, will not have a love for family. We should keep the love alive further.”

R. Heydarova has stressed that “Umid yeri” shelter has been acting for already 25 years: “A person suffers a lot when she takes care of her own children even. However, the shelter has been taking care of children for about 25 years. We are in contact with the shelter for 20 years, we have tried to provide support as SEBA Azerbaijan-Korean Cultural Exchange Association. The creation of joy in a heart of a child is great happiness, we are trying for it. Gathering all orphan children together in a shelter and approaching them with care is great to work. The state has great labor in this work. The care of the First Vice-President Mehriban Aliyeva on children’s shelters is obvious. Mrs. Mehriban Aliyeva pays great attention to this shelter as well.

R. Heydarova has noted that one of the main issues is the health of children in the shelter: “Residents of “Umid yeri” will comprehensively be examined by employees of Korean Eastern Medicine Clinic acting under the SEBA Association. It is an idea of Mr. Ambassador. Korean Eastern Medicine Clinic has held numerous charitable events from 2006 until now. One of the events was held in the Gobu Park residential complex of Garadagh district within the framework of voluntary medical service of Azerbaijani and Korean medical staff with the participation of the Korean Ambassador to Azerbaijan. 532 people were provided with medical service at the event.”

In his turn, Korean Ambassador to Azerbaijan Kim Tong Op talked about the role of joint projects in strengthening the friendship and cultural relations of our people: “We are carrying out many events together with SEBA. It is pleasing for us that the chairperson of SEBA Ruhangiz Heydarova loves us very much Korea and always shows special attention to the events held with us. Although Korea and Azerbaijan are geographically far away from each other, as there are people who love each others’ countries, the future of our relations is very bright.

Human is above all, participation of the future generation in this event, showing such interest to Korea makes the event more meaningful. The head of the shelter Nigar Khanum, and Ruhangiz Khanum who always supports organizing such events with us, are people who contribute to the future of Azerbaijan. We, as an embassy, will always attach great importance to our relations. I hope that children attending the event will remember my face and name, when they see me somewhere after 10, 20 years, they will approach and state that they are those children who participated in this event. “ The head of “Umid yeri” children shelter Nigar Mansimova highly appreciated the attention, care of SEBA association and Korean embassy in Azerbaijan to the children. “I thank the chair of SEBA association Ruhangiz Heydarova for organizing the very beautiful event which children wished, it is a great joy for children on the eve of New Year.

At the same time, very beautiful gifts have been prepared for children. The shelter has been operating since 1997. During its operation, the shelter provided support to more than 10,000 children, infants, and mothers living in difficult situations living on the streets. Currently, more than 90 children live here. Every child is ensured with individual care, they are involved in education, we do our utmost for solving their problems. “ Ismet Gasimzadeh, Chief Physician of the Korean Oriental Medicine Clinic said that the continuation of the event will be in the clinic: “Nigar Khanum stated that children need medical service. We are ready to fully provide this service.” The pediatrician of the clinic Sadagat Mustafayeva stated that necessary steps will be taken in order to take care of the health of the children in the clinic. Then Program "Azerbaijan-Korea friendship" Umid yeri "presented by residents of the children's shelter" prepared by the children was demonstrated.

The children performed national dances of Azerbaijan, “Tarakama”, “Khan chobani” as well as national dances of Korea, song Azerbaijani, and Korean songs. Then various show programs were demonstrated for the children. The guests also got acquainted with the exhibition of paintings and handicrafts. The Korean ambassador was presented with a gift prepared with children’s handicrafts. Note that “Umid yeri” children's shelter was presented with the necessary equipment for the handicraft club, canvas frames and paints for painting, various clothes, and bedding sets for the children.